Dream Wave
Release: 01.04.2022

MarcelDeVan has been a music producer over 25 years now. His dedication and dynamics one can hear in every single track of his. Apart from producing his own music, he also works for other artists.

His repertoire covering Dance, SynthDance and DreamDance fascinates his fans from over 190 countries worldwide. His incomparable own sound creates a new milestone, combining elements of Dance, Trance and Pop in a way unheard before. The music of MarcelDeVan harmonises with a perfected mixture of technical accuracy combined with dreamlike sounds, which seduce the listener to a musical journey one of its kind.

MarcelDeVan has been composing and producing all his music with a lifetime passion. He has developed his very own and unique style and therefore is regularly booked by various artists from different genres, to support their music with his sound and expertise.

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